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Goat Fest Soap Making Competition 2017

Posted on November 6, 2016 at 7:55 PM

Goat Milk Soap Competition

This competition is for handmade goat milk soap.

All soap must be cold process and be the work of the exhibitor.

Soap will be judged on:

* appearance/presentation

* lather/skin feel

Sections are:

1. Natural, unscented

2. Scented (includes essential oils, fragrance oils and may be coloured)

3. Decorated – may be unscented, scented, coloured

$2 per entry with 2 soaps to be submitted per entry, 1 for judging and 1 for display.

There will be a People’s Choice Award with voting coupons available for 50cents at Goatfest.

Winner of this award will receive the value of coupons voted for their soap.

Entry forms available soon. Happy Soaping!!

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