Angoras 2011 Angoras 2011 Winners Champion Doe, Kid and Buck 118927783 Winner Judge Steve Roots with Brain Smith 118927789 Winner Judge Steve Roots with Bill and Audrey Gaffney 118927791 Winners Judge Steve Roots with Angus Adams 118927790 Judging Boys on parade 118927778 Judging Winning does 118927779 Judging Fine does 118927782 Goat Judging A good line up 118927780 Judging Time for a snooze? 118927781 Demonstration Susan Gunter shows how goat shearing is done 118927787 Demonstrations Jim Allchin demonstrates how to prepare mohair for matket 118927786 Mohair Display Putting a spin on mohair 118927777 Display Goats and information about goats 118927784 Stalls Darke Doings attracts interest 118927785 Display Goats and information on display 118927788 Sausage Sizzle A big thank you to Jodi and Lindsay who did a great job wit the Sausage Sizzle 119009355