Goat Fest Tasmania 2018

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Soap Competition Entry Form

Goat Milk Soap Entry Form

Soap Contest entry form 19.docx

Goat Milk Soap Competition Rules and Definitions

Rules and Definitions

1 All soap must be cold process and be the work of the exhibitor

2 All entries must be accompanied by an ingredient list (not your quantities, just your ingredients)


Natural, Unscented  no additives of any kind (except goat milk of course)

Scented  scented with essential oils or fragrance oils, may be coloured

Decorated  may be scented or unscented, coloured or plain. Includes; swirls,

Spooned or piped tops, colouring through water discounting, more than one colour in a decorative mould

Botanicals  all oils and additives are of plant origin. For this competition, honey and clays are included in this section. May be coloured, decorated and/or scented.

Novice  open to novice soapmakers. You are not eligible for this section if you sell your soap or have placed in previous Goatfest soap competitions. Novices can enter any section but if you place in open classes, you cannot enter this section at any future Goatfests!